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Design & Print Services for the SSC Community


Our Mission Is To Serve Our Students and the Community Through Lifelong Learning




  • Graphic design
  • Full-color digital printing
  • Black/white copy
  • Large format printing (banners and stands, fine art, signage, etc.)
  • Binding (spiral/comb/MetalBind/saddlestitch)
  • Finishing (folding, trimming, collating, hole punching, laminating)
  • Labels

Order Store Items

  • Paper by Ream
  • Cases of White Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Display & Signage Supplies
  • Catalogs & Student Handbooks *Please order separately from other Store items!
  • Class Record Forms
  • Certificate Paper & Jackets
  • Folders
  • Name Badges (Magnetic)
  • Tablecloths


Printing & copying in both black only and color are available.

For printing and copying, the costs are based on the number of impressions per original, per submission. An original is one printed side in the set of what is being printed or duplicated. For instance, if you have a 5-page one-sided document to print, you have 5 originals.

Multiple colors, sizes, and weights of paper are available for printing. Pricing varies based on the availability, weight, and finish of the paper requested.

Wide-format poster printing is also available in the Print Shop, up to 24" wide on a variety of stocks, with much more available by special order. Costs are calculated by poster dimensions.

Finishing Options

There are multiple finishing options available.

  • stapling (multiple positions)
  • padding (glue binding)
  • 3-hole punch
  • booklet production (saddle-stitching and face trimming)
  • spiral binding
  • comb binding
  • MetalBind (Hard and softcover bookbinding)
  • lamination
  • dry-erase lamination
  • grommets (metal & plastic)
  • shrinkwrap
  • bulk paper cutting
  • bulk paper folding
  • carbonless forms (up to 3-part)






Located in Room 2361, Main Campus, 15800 S. State St., South Holland IL 60473


  • Name badges and tablecloths are ordered through the store, not as print jobs. Please scroll down to access the store section.
  • Publications does not offer translation services. You will need to have documents translated before submitting them to Publications.
  • Customers must enter all orders through Print Shop Pro.  

Hand sanitizer and shields have been installed in the office for further protection.

  • 2022-24 Catalogs are now available! You can order cases through our store and they will be delivered via Physical Plant. If you need less than a case please visit the Publications office in room 2361.
  • Cases of white paper can be purchased in our store. These orders will be delivered by Physical Plant.  
  • All other paper orders, such as individual reams, letterhead, envelopes, etc., must be picked up in Publications in room 2361. The only exception to this are orders from the Oak Forest Center, these will be delivered via interoffice mail.

Email publications AT with any questions.

We are changing vendors for display hardware. Those items are currently unavailable in the store until we can update them with new information and pricing. We will be putting in group orders for the new "This Is Success" campaign as soon as possible. Please email Publications with any questions. You can still put in orders for items like the display board panels, which are printed in-house.


SHIPPING: We do not ship outside the College.  All jobs must go to a College Address or be picked up in Room 2361 on the Main Campus.

Remember to select "Personal Job" as your Site when you are making a personal order.

Feel free to call us at 2228, 2489, or 2466 if you need assistance or information on your options.

If you would like to create a project in a size or format not available here, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will create the option for you.  It's no trouble.


Please make sure you are choosing the correct paper for your order. Use the dropdown boxes to choose paper types, weights, and colors.

For reference, most flyers and brochures are printed on the 80# Glossy Text.

Certificate paper is preprinted with a pattern and should not be used for non-certificate jobs.


Services & Policies

If a print or design job proof or question from the print shop goes unanswered for over 30 days, we will cancel the job. It can be resubmitted later when the client is prepared to follow through on the job.


Professional graphic design services are available from the Publications Department.

SSC Clients

Design services are free for all College projects and the administration has mandated that Publications should approve all external-facing print publications. College projects are expected to observe a limit of 3 proofs in most circumstances.

Community Groups, Students, Personal and Other Outside Clients

Outside projects are billed for design at $25.00 per hour.  A $5.00 setup fee is charged for outside projects that require less than 1 hour of design work. Outside projects take second priority behind College work.

Outside jobs must be paid at the cashier before printing is started. We are no longer printing non-college jobs that have a charge under $1.00.



SHIPPING: We do not ship outside the College.  All jobs must go to a College Address or be picked up in Room 2361 on the Main Campus.

Rush Charges: Some jobs are eligible for rush service. Rush service is your project being processed outside of normal timeframes before other jobs. (If this option is not available, that format is ineligible for rush processing.) These jobs incur an extra fee starting at a minimum of $25.00. 

By selecting a rush job, you agree to pay the extra fee charged.  Rush jobs may be subject to paper or binding type substitution in the case of shortages. We will notify you if this is the case.

Errors & Changes: Please review your print order carefully before submission, and check your received order for correction and completeness.  We allow a 14 business day grace period after order completion for free reprints of jobs with Publications errors. Client errors will not be reprinted for free.  (Final approval of a graphic design job that contains errors is a client error. This is an industry standard.)

Examples of Errors
Client Errors Publications Errors
Wrong Specifications for Job Ticket Not following Job Ticket Specifications
Job approved with errors Job printed before design approval
Not responding to inquiries in a timely fashion Torn paper, poor quality prints

We print according to the job ticket after any graphic design work has been approved.  If you think there is a mistake in the order, please call or email immediately to revise the ticket before printing. You can always access your order ticket in the "My Orders" screen to check for corrections.


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